Release The Hold Alcohol Has On You

Wondering if you drink too much?  Tired of feeling anxious, uncomfortable and physically ill? Ready to end the cycle of worrying about what you said or did? Ready to end the hangovers?  

This 4-part FREE video series will help you understand why you are stuck and how to get your life back. 

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The truth is there is a ton of stigma, shame and secrecy around the topic of excessive drinking.

My hunch is you are feeling shame, guilt and regret almost every day. 

Plus wondering why you are unable to figure this excessive drinking thing out. 

Ready to figure out your next best step? 

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Are you tired of the mental battle around drinking?

You drink, You regret, you drink, you regret, you drink, you regret? Tried to drink less but are unable to? 

Group Coaching program provides you with step-by-step, simple to follow video's PLUS weekly coaching sessions with Debi. 

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Who is Debi & How Can She Help Me? 

Through her life journey of ups, downs, and set backs, Debi took charge of her destiny. She's discovered how to shift her beliefs and thoughts and transform the direction of her life. 

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I'm on a mission. . . .

. . . .to make it safe to ask the question: "Am I drinking too much?"  Raise your hand if you also think the fear and stigma associated with excessive drinking keeps you or someone you know from seeking help.   

Yeah, me too! 

With world-class experts, detailed execution plans, and helpful, actionable insights streaming through your earbuds, The Sober Curious podcast will help you change your relationship with alcohol one belief at a time.  

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You are one belief away from being free of the bonds of excessive drinking.


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