The Sober Curious: Change your Relationship with Alcohol

The Sober Curious: Change your Relationship with Alcohol

Do you feel like your flight attendant dream job is killing you slowly? Have you found yourself drinking way more alcohol than you ever thought you would? Then this is the Podcast for you.

The Sober Curious is Jumpseat Coaching for the Flight Attendant who wants to find their way to freedom around alcohol.

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    What Every Flight Attendant Ought To Know About Suicide

    In this episode, I interview Holly Scott, MBA, MS, LPC and the founder of Upton Dallas Counseling. Holly specializes in treating anxiety disorders. We discuss the myths of Suicide. What to do if someone says they want to hurt themselves as well as how to help a friend who is sad all the time.

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    Clean Pain and Dirty Pain

    Let’s talk about pain for a minute because I believe there are two different kinds of pain. Clean pain and dirty pain.

    The clean pain is really useful and necessary. It’s part of our human experience. Clean pain is grief, clean pain is sadness or disappointment. Clean pain is heartache and mourning with those who mourn. Comforting those who need comfort. Clean pain is what makes us human. It helps us connect. It helps us heal from the painful experience. This can include all kinds of emotions.

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    You Are Enough - Episode 27

    Today's episode I'm getting personal & sharing a tip to help you easy into Thanksgiving this year. I want you to be open to the idea you are enough because of the fact you were born. My desire is for you to start exploring the idea change, a big change like freedom around alcohol can happen with less drama and stress. As your mind wonders towards past events and stories around the holiday.... put your own oxygen mask on first and remember....You are enough because you were born.

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    Be Curious and Open - Episode 26

    Listen is as I step outside my own comfort zone and sharing it live on this episode. This show is real and on the road today! Featured on Today's Episode: Episode 10 Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself Did you hear something you loved here today?! Please do Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes so others can find the show and benefit from what is being taught

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    The Power of Planning - Episode 25

    Listen in on this episode as Kate and I chat about planning. Kate is a freelance digital artist, owner of the DigitallyWild Etsy shop where she sells printable stationery, digital planning products and resources for the Goodnotes App.

    Kate travels continuously. Never staying in one place for more than 2 months. Being on the road all the time and running her business brought here to fall in love with digital planning and journaling.

    Because one of the three basics of The Sober Curious Success Path is planning, I wanted to bring Kate on to share some of her insights.

    She's also the creator of the new graphics here at The Sober Curious. 

    On today's Episode you'll discover:

    • Kate's backstory and what made her a raving fan of planning.
    • What developing a planning habit has help Kate & Debi accomplish.
    • A few of Debi's internal struggles as she develops her own planning habit.
    • Strategies to help you get started.

    Did you hear something you loved here today?!

    Please do Leave a Review + Subscribe via iTunes so others can find the show and benefit from what being taught. 


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    Help! The Holidays Are Coming - Episode 24

    As a flight attendant during this time of year, it is so easy to spend our time being pulled in a million directions. We end up drained from extra flight hours, running errands and lethargic from indulgent drinking and eating. The next several episodes are all designed and created to help you ease into the holidays and next year with less hassle and stress.  This one we go into a concept I teach my coaching clients called "Powerful Questions". 

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    Cheers To Sacred Gifts - Episode 23

    Discovering ‘Your Sacred Gifts’ will have you feeling more on purpose, letting go of work you do not love to do, find more direction and clarity by being attracted to work you love to do! A big part of why we begin to buffer out of our life with excessive drinking is because we will like there has got to be more to life. We are stuck, board and thinking we've missed our purpose somehow. You can receive the free gifts Dana's shares by going to

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    Rethinking The Scarcity Mentality Around Giving Up Drinking

    This week on The Sober Curious, we’ll stroll down memory lane to examine a regular occurrence we all know and love.  Whether we’ve convinced ourselves we are missing out or we’re operating based on social programming and even childhood memories, the scarcity mentality can wreak havoc on our ability to regain control over alcohol.  We live in a time where access to alcohol is plentiful and more available than ever. Our beliefs about alcohol need to be reprogrammed.

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    Choosing An Action Plan For Regaining Control Over Alcohol - Episode 21

    This week, the focus is on the importance of practicing a plan which allows you to make different choices. Choosing beliefs and thoughts which served me became a crucial factor in transforming my relationship with alcohol. Are you unknowingly choosing to remain out of control with your drinking?

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    Practicing Awareness of Your Thoughts & Feelings - Episode 20

    Today I’m sharing more about the Thought Model I introduced in episode ten. One of my main goals of The Sober Curious is to help you become an expert at applying the model, so you can use it to become comfortable with your own thoughts about the direction your life is going. You will discover why it’s so important to make sense of the difference between circumstances and thoughts.

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    Jumpseat Coaching For Flight Attendants who want to find freedom around alcohol

    Welcome to the transition episode of The Sober Curious Podcast. Jumpseat Therapy for Flight Attendants who want to find freedom around alcohol. In this transition episode, I give you a little background about me, my work as a Flight Attendant, and how I got into coaching. I’ll also start with my topic — why you may not be getting the results you want, with controlling your drinking or life in general.

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    How Meditation Can Help You Practice Awareness Around Your Drinking

    Practicing awareness is key to bridging the gap between your beliefs and freedom around alcohol. Studies show stories help us learn, so I invite you to listen in to Sandy and I as we talk and share stories.  You'll discover how Sandy's abandonment lead her to turn to alcohol to help her cope.  What she did to turn things around.   Show notes can be found here:

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    Unconditional Love Is Needed to Help Regain Control of Your Drinking - EP17

    Unconditional Love is known as affection without any limitations, or love without conditions. We’ve all seen, felt, heard or thought about the love between a mother/father and child or a pet owner and their fur baby.  When we come across this unconditional love between parents and their kids, either human or fur, we know it right away. However, when it is us.....Listen to today's episode to discover how much unconditional love towards yourself matters when it comes to drinking less.

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    Deciding and Practicing Are Required To Triumph Over The Hold Alcohol Has On Your Life - Episode 16

    Because we are living in a time where most things come to us almost instantly, we want to give up or quit on things which take the time, energy and effort of learning and practicing until we get the result we want. The truth is alcohol, for most people did not instantly gain control in our life. This reversal of control happens gradually over time. The ability to gain control back will take learning and practice doing things differently.

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    How to Stop Drinking Against Your Will - Episode 15

    Your brain is your biggest obstacle PLUS it is your most powerful tool when it comes to learning how to stop drinking alcohol in excess. Today’s episode covers one of the 6 skills you’ll need to regain control of your drinking. Many of you, when you hear the tool I’m sharing today, you’ll think I’m nuts. I invite you to listen with an open mind and allow your brain to be curious.

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    Regain Control of Your Drinking With These 6 Skills - Episode 14

    Ok, so now you’ve begun to question your drinking. You’ve started to ask questions which are causing your “peanut brain” to get really, really loud. You’ve scared “peanut” into thinking you just might figure this out this time because you are being detective like about your process. Listen in to learn an additional skill to help you quit drinking alcohol in excess.

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    The Ninja Mind Trick To Help With Cravings

    Listen in on my interview with Florence because she has keen insights which will blow your mind! You can take and apply her insights towards alcohol. This just may be the breakthrough you need to transform your relationship with alcohol. Her ninja mind trick comes out of the drug and alcohol field. Show Notes -

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    The Power Of Knowing How To Process Your Emotions

    Do you ever catch yourself on your 4th glass of wine wondering how’d I have 4 already? What about mindlessly overeating? or watching far too many of your favorite TV shows?  In this episode discover a surprising tool to help you stop drinking alcohol to avoid emotions.

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    The Sneaky Way Our Words Affect Our Life - Episode 10

    In today’s episode, you’ll discover: How our beliefs affect our life How our emotions affect the results showing up in our life What you can do, today, to start changing your relationship with alcohol.

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    Interview with Annie Grace author of This Naked Mind - 007

    Interview with Annie Grace author of This Naked Mind - 007 Annie Grace grew up in a one-room cabin without running water or electricity and then at the young age of 26 became the youngest vice president in a multinational corporation. Success; however, led to excessive drinking and the possibility she just might lose everything. Annie recognized her problem but chose to approach it in an entirely new way.

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    Crack The Code To Why You Keep Self-Sabotaging Your Efforts To Stop Excessive Drinking - Episode 5

      Biggest Takeaways You Don’t Want to Miss:

    I’m expanding your mind in this one 
    My hunch is many of you've never heard of this concept. 
    Remember a part of The Sober Curious Manifesto is to see things differently and open up our minds.
    Today I’m bringing you into the world of energy healing. 

    So if you feel overwhelmed, like you are being blocked by past emotions, maybe, just maybe, like you’re drowning in your efforts to get control of alcohol, this conversation is for you 

    The mind-blowing concept taught here will give you the uncanny ability to uncover what’s truly holding you back from getting the results and on this episode, you’ll be amazed to discover a powerful yet simple way to rid yourself of unseen baggage. Baggage which is causing you to feel physical pain, contributing to self-sabotaging behaviors and recurring relationship difficulties

    If you open up your mind and let them the process discussed will free you up and open the door to a life you love living. 


    Links I mentioned in this episode:

    Dr. Bradely Nelson's Book 
    Emotion Code Sessions
    Muscle Testing

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    Discover What Really Fulfills You - 004

    In this episode Debi interviews Michael Losier bestselling author of Law of Attraction, Law of Connection and Your Life's Purpose. Today Michael and Debi brainstorm his book Your Life's Purpose. You'll be surprised to learn discovering what really fulfill

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    Let's Get Your Brain On Your Side - 002

    Do you, or someone you know find yourself caught up in this turbulent, rocky, judgmental relationship with yourself around your use of alcohol? In this episode discover how this behavior actually keeps you stuck in the alcohol trap and what to do instead

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    What is The Sober Curious PLUS Who Is Debi Talbert - 001

    Welcome to the first episode of The Sober Curious, a podcast by Debi Talbert designed to be a resource and safe place to explore the question...."Am I drinking too much?" In this episode, Debi talks about her inspiration for this podcast, her own story around excessive drinking and more. Subscribe to the show for lots more to come!

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