Triumph over the hold alcohol has on your life

With this 7-module online, self-coaching course you will magnify every aspect of your relationship with alcohol.

This course is a beautiful container in which you can experience the process in the privacy of your own home, in your own time, in a super immersive fashion…….guided by me every step of the way.

The foundation of the Yes You Can Digital Course is discovering how to allow yourself to let sobriety happen in your life. When you take this self-coaching, online digital course, you’ll transform your relationship with alcohol one belief at a time.

Break The Chains
take away the pain of feeling broken. 

✓  Enhance your understanding of yourself with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson like curiosity   

✓ Discover a unique and fun way to remove the control alcohol has over your life

✓ Follow along with my EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) videos to expedite the removal of beliefs keeping you stuck in the alcohol prison

✓ Receive a private 20 minute Emotion Code Session to help speed up the removal of any beliefs keeping you stuck.

You’ll Love What This Course Offers

  We start with a special Emotion Code Session to prepare for the transformation work to come. This gets you and your subconscious in the right space to allow you to easily change your relationship with alcohol.

✓ Each video module guides you through a simple recipe to help allow transformation to happen.

✓ Become skilled at the powerful Emotional Freedom Technique with a series of videos I’ll guide you through the method so you can heal and release beliefs keeping you stuck. Once you know how to use EFT you’ll be able to apply this to every area of your life PLUS enhance the benefits of Emotion Code Sessions. 

  The structure of the course, along with the video guidance, makes it incredibly easy to commit to this beautiful process and stick around for the miracles of life free from the control of alcohol.

Yes, I'm ready

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