✓   Have you tried to stop drinking or cut back on how much your drink?

✓   Do you feel trapped by the control alcohol has on your life? 

✓   Do you find yourself drinking out of habit, or out of boredom on your layover? And then regret it later?

✓   Do you want to drink less, so you set limits but then something stressful happens and suddenly you are back in to your old routines, and somehow you even end up drinking more than before you set the limits?

✓   Are you tired of thinking about alcohol, and want to shift your perspective so you have active control over those thoughts? So drinking becomes a decision instead of a reaction?


If any....or all of this sounds, looks or feels familiar to you,
then you are in the right place.


I'm Debi & I've been right there with you. 


What Sets This Course Apart

First, it's run by a Flight Attendant for Flight Attendants.

   We don't start with stopping. You may not even want to stop all together....this is OK and totally up to you. 

✓  You’ll discover how the idea of ‘never having another drink’ can actually keep people stuck! The coaching guides you towards how to make the right decision for you when you are ready.

✓  You'll understand why it's not your fault. The magic is in the proper tools.

In fact the tools you know of, that are supposed to be helpful, like willpower, or the idea of complete abstinence - are actually making things harder than they need to be. 

  The structure of the course, along with the video guidance, makes it incredibly easy to commit to this beautiful process and stick around for the miracles of life free from the control of alcohol.

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